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Create Autorun CD Menu for CD & DVD and Front-end Menu for USB Device.
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Turn Your Ideas Into Professional Presentations!

Menu Creator Software

Frontend Menu Creator

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  • Frontend Menu Creator

You need a frontend menu,
if you have presentations, documents, or programs on portable data storage device such as CDs, DVD or USB-devices (USB flash drive, USB-stick) that you will be giving to a third-party.

  USB/DVD/CD Menu für Windows Systeme

Web Menu  

Web Menu Creator

With just a few clicks, you can develop a platform-independent menu for a web-browser from your existing Menu App for Windows PC. Because the web browser menu runs on a web browser it works on all platforms: PC, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones, USB-Stick, Smart TVs). Your menu can be loaded onto CDs, DVDs, USB-Drives and passed along, or it can be loaded onto a web server and accessed from any system.
Read more here » Web Menu Creator

First impression count

Impress with your:
Advertisment, product introduction, application, slideshow, software-installation, CD business card, presentation, documentation,...

  Impress your users with your own self-developed cd menu
  • Reliably start your documents, programs, and presentations from your CD, DVD, or USB-device with a graphical user interface of your frontend menu.
  • Impress your users with your own self-developed user interface menu with the corporate / product branding.
  • Create your own professional autorun CD menu / USB menu with KSSW-Frontend Menu.

As easy as "Drag & Drop"

No programming experience required!
The demo video shows how easy it is to create a user interface with drag & drop, and how to connect documents to buttons » Demo video

Create your custom menu now with KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator

Download the free trial version of KSSW Frontend Menu Creator now and create your own first frontend menu.

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Properties of the KSSW-FrontendMenu software

  • The look and feel of the menu is completely up to you using a background image and totally customizable buttons.
  • Easy link to documents using drag & drop technology.
  • Multipage hierarchical menus are possible.
  • The menu application also works in UNICODE.
  • Integration assistant for PDF, HTML, Rtf, Txt, and image files.
  • Customizable buttons.
  • Protect your linked files from unwanted attacks and alterations.
  • Web Menu Converter for creating plattform independent menus.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.
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The demo video shows how to create a USB Menu / CD Menu.
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Examples and screenshots of Frontend Menu projects.
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Step-by-step instructions.
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Working with the KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator software.

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Start today and create your first self-made CD Menu

Create your personalized menu surface now with KSSW-FrontendMenu-Creator
  • Set yourself apart from the competition with an attractive and clearly designed Autorun CD Menu.
  • Just imagine the impression you will make on your users when your CD presentation starts automatically.

The menu creation is as easy as drag & drop

Download your free 30-day trial version and create your first CD Menu project.

KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator Software

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Download KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator now for free and test it for thirty days!

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Version 1
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (32-Bit and 64-Bit Systems)

A presentation has to be impressive - the first impressions count

It goes without saying, of course, that the success of the business presentation will depend on how much impact your presentation makes. As well as making it attractive and professional, it is also essential to remember the old adage that first impressions count. When your customers insert the CD or DVD into their drives, you want them to be presented with a clear introduction frontend menu giving them all the options available. You certainly don't want to be making them search through all the files in the hope of finding your presentation. Getting off to a good start is essential, after all you don't want to annoy your users before you have even gotten started. A smooth and well presented introduction enables your presentation to shine through.

Frontend Menu
Frontend Menu Demos  

Frontend Menu Demo Projects

Download the instantly available workable front end menu projects

The demo projects can be downloaded in zip format and extracted to a test directory.

Find more information on our site:

Frontend Menu Demos

The Look & Feel of the User Interface

KSSW-FrontendMenu-Creator - The software for creating user-defined front end menus

KSSW Front End Menu Creator will not put boundaries on your creativitiy. Through background image and the buttons with customizable graphics, you completely control the look and feel of the user interface.

KSSW-FrontendMenu - As Simple As Drag & Drop

The KSSW-FrontendMenu Software is easy to use

KSSW-FrontendMenu uses drag-&-drop to enable you to drag menu objects such as buttons, List boxes, text fields from the object bar into the Menu Window. Then all you do is link these objects to your documents or programs. Absolutely no programming knowledge is necessary.

Your Time Is Valuable

Isn't it time you invested your time in designing an impressive and creative menu for your CD rather than wasting hours reading manuals or getting to grips with complex software.

Download KSSW-FrontendMenu now and test it!

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User Reviews

Great, easy to use program that allows you create menus

Very easy to use program that includes templates and project wizards. A drag & drop interface that allows you to move things around easily. The look and feel of the created menu is fully customizable, allowing you to use a wide variety of different things. The software package comes with a resource browser with ready to use background images, buttons, title bars and menu bars. The software package comes with some document viewers for htm-, html-, txt-, rtf-files, image files (jpg, gif, bmp)
Really solid program that I fully recommend.

Rating: 5 Stars
Number of votes: 2

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User Reviews at Download.com

This is a very useful menu creator for CDs, DVDs, and USB flash drives.

This is a very useful menu creator for CDs, DVDs, and USB flash drives. It's very intuitive and you can drag and drop the easy interface to create any kind of menu you want. You can customize the background and it includes document viewers for HTML, RTF, image files, and more.

Robert P. / 01.04.2015

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The Workspace of the KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator

Der The Workspace of the KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator
The Workspace of the KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator


Front end menu
A front end menu is a user interface for a software application or a device. For example, Windows Explorer is the front end menu for the file system of the Windows operating system. Typical applications are graphical user interfaces for file selection from portable media such as CDs, DVDs, USB-sticks and USB Flash drives. These applications are often called CD menus, DVD menus, autorun menus or autoplay menus. Continue reading...

Look & Feel
The concept of look and feel standardizing the design aspect of the graphical user interface or a website. Continue reading...

Drag & Drop
Drag & Drop is a method of controlling a graphical user interface through the movement of graphical elements using a mouse or pointing device. Continue reading...

Unicode is an international standard for the digital code of every character or text element from all different cultures around the world. Continue reading...

The Windows operating system comes complete with a feature that automatically starts programs when a data carrier is changed (such as when a CD ROM is inserted). The information needed to do this is contained in the "Autorun.inf" text file. Continue reading...

Autoplay or Autostart
Autorun, autoplay and autostart are different terms for the same function, that is, the function that starts a program automatically when a data-storage medium is changed.

Autorun CD
Also known as an autoplay CD or autostart CD. Autorun, autoplay and autostart are three different terms for the same function. When a CD is inserted into the CD ROM drive on a Windows Computer, a program is started automatically. A multi-media presentation is one of the most common uses. If the CD contains several presentations or documents, it makes good sense to start the CD with an autorun CD menu, which tells the user about the type and content of the CD and which can be used to start the presentations, documents and programs with the help of buttons.

CD Menu
A CD Menu has a graphic user interface and provides an interactive way for users to navigate computer programs. It makes it possible to choose and activate a particular action from a list of possible actions without having to know or use the exact command strings in text form or keyboard shortcuts. An autorun menu is a special kind of menu that is used for CD ROMs or DVD ROMs on computers running the Windows operating system. The autorun feature of the operating system is used to open a menu window automatically when a CD is inserted into the CD drive.

CD Menu Software
A program for creating and editing CD menu applications.

CD und DVD
As far as the Windows operating system is concerned, there is no difference between a CD and a DVD. Both are data-storage mediums with different storage capacities, the only difference is the way in which they are recorded. All of the information given on this website applies to both CDs and DVDs.

USB Menu
A front end menu for a USB Stick / USB Flash Drive.

A USB stick is a compact electronic device that can communicate using Universal Serial Bus (USB) with another device, for instance a computer. This way the USB stick and the computer are directly connected without use of a cable. USB sticks are the most commonly used compatible device. One of the most common applications of USB stick is the USB memory stick, a form of mass storage. This device uses flash memory to store data. Continue reading... Continue reading...

USB Flash Drive
Another term for USB stick.